The 2 Door Wardrobe – Open to Versatility

The 2 door wardrobe is a great choice when you are looking for ample storage space and versatility. Two doors provide added convenience with a stylish design. When you find that one door does not seem to give you the options you need for storage, a 2 door wardrobe may be the step up that you need.

A very popular design of 2 door wardrobes is to designate a section for hanging clothing beside a section of drawers or shelves. The function and versatility of this design works for those that want to store clothing and accessories together. It allows the added convenience of having folded clothing, such as undergarments, in the same space as hanging clothing.

When considering the 2 door wardrobe, evaluate your room space. You will need to have extra clearance for the doors. Make sure you have sufficient space to allow unobstructed movement around the wardrobe as well. You can visually open up the space in your room by choosing mirrored doors for the wardrobe.

Now decide on the style of wardrobe you want. Do you prefer the rich stained finish and carved details of traditional? Do you want a clean and soothing look with a wardrobe painted in crisp, bright white? Perhaps the chic and glamorous appeal of a fully mirrored wardrobe is more to your liking. The styles of available 2 door wardrobes are wide and varied. You can choose one that fits your décor and style perfectly.

Always carefully inspect the wardrobe to ensure quality craftsmanship. Make sure the doors are level and close flush. Check the hardware to ensure it is securely fastened. Test the drawers for ease of movement and shelves for levelness. Make sure the wardrobe sits level on the floor. Inspect the surface for any dents or scratches that are not part of the intended finish.

There are many different storage combinations available in a 2 door wardrobe. Drawer and shelving units can be varied in their placement and distribution. Shelving can be adjustable for more versatility. Spaces for hanging clothing can be chosen depending on your particular needs.

If you are short on hanging space, there are 2 door wardrobes available to fit that need. Some designs dedicated to hanging storage also include drawers underneath the doors. If you need more drawer space and shelving, you can choose a design with only these features. Everything remains behind closed doors for a very neat and organized look. These are perfect when you need space to store out-of-season clothing or linens.

When you want to purchase a 2 door wardrobe evaluate your space, choose a style that fits your décor and a design that accommodates your particular storage needs. Inspect the wardrobe for quality in craftsmanship so it will last you for many years. If chosen carefully with these factors in mind, the 2 door wardrobe you choose will become a vital part of your daily routine and add great style to your room.