Tips To Keep In Mind On How To Prepare For A Bathroom Renovation Project

Many homeowners do not find it bothersome to have their living and dining rooms undergo renovation. They do not find it irksome when certain home improvement jobs are being done on their garage, basement, attic or lawn as well. But certainly, all homeowners will find it inconvenient and annoying when their bathroom has to undergo a major renovation, especially if there is just one toilet in the whole property.

However, there will come a time when a major renovation of your bathroom is needed. As such, you have no way of avoiding or postponing it. So how can you prepare yourself and the other residents of your home for a major bathroom renovation project? Consider the following helpful pointers and tips below:

Make sure you choose the best contractor. The last thing you want to happen is the bathroom renovation project being delayed or prolonged due to the incompetence of the contractors or their unprofessional behavior. As such, make sure you hire a contracting firm that has an impeccable reputation and comes highly recommended by many satisfied clients.

Before the actual work starts, hold a pre-construction meeting to give you and everyone involved in the project a chance to go over the details, ask questions, and give answers. This conference should include the other people residing in your home as well. This is an important thing to do because everyone will have a realistic understanding of what is included under the project and this will help everyone cope with the stress of disruption and unavoidable mess.

Have a back-up plan. Contractors can sometimes work around the problem in your bathroom, keeping fixtures useable during some parts of the project or certain times of the day. As such, everyone can still use the toilet at certain parts of the day. However, consider renting a portable toilet booth if the toilet will be unusable for a long time. Another option for you is to live somewhere else for the critical period of the project when the fixtures are out of commission and you won’t be able to use the toilet for quite some time.

Have realistic and viable work schedules. If you can still use your toilet from time to time during the renovation project, you should make the work schedules or review them, if the contractor will handle this part, before agreeing to the final project timetable. Everyone who lives in your home should also see the work schedules so that they can take note of them as well and time their visit to the toilet before the contractor shows up in your home.

Finally, the day before the bathroom renovation works begin, make sure your house is properly prepared. This means clearing out your toilet, putting drop cloths over furniture and floors near the bathroom and nearby rooms as well, to protect them from dust, dirt and other debris.