Get the Best Hardware Fittings in the Country!

The remodeling of a room is not an easy process let alone if you are doing it for an entire apartment. First you need to meet with the architect and get the plan all ready. Then you need to figure out the materials that need to be used for the remodeling then comes the execution of the plan. Herein is important to note that one thinks that it is the tiny little things like the various hardwares and fixtures that make a house a better home. Therefore, to comply with these needs of yours, are manufacturing companies that develop/manufacture sell and supply some of the top most quality fittings for your home. Sometimes it is the small things like door hardware fittings that get neglected. These are companies that have been existing for a long period of time they have testimonials that would ease your mind. Thus, these companies will take care of all your hardware supplies and it fittings too.

Services they provide

These companies offer you several types of brands that you can choose. Hettich, Hafele, Blum and Safex are some to name a few. One has the option to go onto their website and make orders and selection and to shop based on the brand they are looking for, these high end brands provide you with top notch quality products. All their products are branded and of designer making. You can choose from a wide range of selections of designer door handles in India through these companies. They supply you with all types of hardware like that of doors and windows, kitchen fittings, wardrobe fixtures, bathroom accessories and also various types of glass fittings. This could include glass doors and windows too.

Some of the supplying companies have a warranty period on the products they supply or sell. However, if there is an issue with the warranty then all you have to do is get in touch with the manufacturers that have supplied the goods to them.

Door hardware options

In each category or fittings that are sold, there are many that are covered. For example if one is looking for door hardware fittings that you can choose from. Some of these are door locks, handles, knobs, electronic locks, dampers, door closers and various other accessories. There are many door designer handles in India and these suppliers and selling companies make sure that they have such products for you.

The brands vary from Archis to Safex to any other European brand. These are some of the best known names in the hardware world. Once you finalize on one of the door hardware fittings, you have the option of getting the details of the product, even comparing it with other brands and products and even sharing it for the purpose of gauging more opinions.

Organizing With Contemporary Fitted Wardrobes

Contemporary fitted wardrobes are a great way to utilize space in the home, especially when there may be awkward corners or closest space that may otherwise not be used. If there is a constant struggle to keep closets organized, or there is not enough room, a fitted wardrobe is a perfect solution.

When using such a custom built wardrobe, there are many possibilities. There can be a combination of hanging clothing, drawers, bookshelves, or even a desk working area. In addition, these fitted wardrobes are not one size fits all. They can easily be customized by color scheme, theme, building material (different varieties of wood, metal, plastic), and how the space is being utilized.

Before investing in one, decide exactly how the space is going to be used. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1) Is it for clothing storage, office storage, craft supplies, etc.?
2) Also, decide how tall and wide it will be. Will it take up the entire area or only part of it?

Such information will help determine the style of the space and its functionality. They will be useful when meeting with a fitted wardrobe designer or when designing one independently.

Another great advantage to contemporary fitted wardrobes is that the price is very flexible. The price can range from an expensive custom design with an individual to assist in the design process to going to the local hardware store and building one independently. Some designers are even flexible to work within the budget given. Many such wardrobes can be taken apart when moving, or if you prefer to leave them behind, they can add to the value of the home when it is sold.

Bespoke wardrobes are advantageous to any home. Once one is installed, the original space will look much larger than before because no space is spared. They utilize space more effectively, add value to the home, and can add organization to an unorganized area.

The 2 Door Wardrobe – Open to Versatility

The 2 door wardrobe is a great choice when you are looking for ample storage space and versatility. Two doors provide added convenience with a stylish design. When you find that one door does not seem to give you the options you need for storage, a 2 door wardrobe may be the step up that you need.

A very popular design of 2 door wardrobes is to designate a section for hanging clothing beside a section of drawers or shelves. The function and versatility of this design works for those that want to store clothing and accessories together. It allows the added convenience of having folded clothing, such as undergarments, in the same space as hanging clothing.

When considering the 2 door wardrobe, evaluate your room space. You will need to have extra clearance for the doors. Make sure you have sufficient space to allow unobstructed movement around the wardrobe as well. You can visually open up the space in your room by choosing mirrored doors for the wardrobe.

Now decide on the style of wardrobe you want. Do you prefer the rich stained finish and carved details of traditional? Do you want a clean and soothing look with a wardrobe painted in crisp, bright white? Perhaps the chic and glamorous appeal of a fully mirrored wardrobe is more to your liking. The styles of available 2 door wardrobes are wide and varied. You can choose one that fits your décor and style perfectly.

Always carefully inspect the wardrobe to ensure quality craftsmanship. Make sure the doors are level and close flush. Check the hardware to ensure it is securely fastened. Test the drawers for ease of movement and shelves for levelness. Make sure the wardrobe sits level on the floor. Inspect the surface for any dents or scratches that are not part of the intended finish.

There are many different storage combinations available in a 2 door wardrobe. Drawer and shelving units can be varied in their placement and distribution. Shelving can be adjustable for more versatility. Spaces for hanging clothing can be chosen depending on your particular needs.

If you are short on hanging space, there are 2 door wardrobes available to fit that need. Some designs dedicated to hanging storage also include drawers underneath the doors. If you need more drawer space and shelving, you can choose a design with only these features. Everything remains behind closed doors for a very neat and organized look. These are perfect when you need space to store out-of-season clothing or linens.

When you want to purchase a 2 door wardrobe evaluate your space, choose a style that fits your décor and a design that accommodates your particular storage needs. Inspect the wardrobe for quality in craftsmanship so it will last you for many years. If chosen carefully with these factors in mind, the 2 door wardrobe you choose will become a vital part of your daily routine and add great style to your room.

Top Advantages of Using Wardrobe Sliding Doors

Showers and toilets, laundry or utility rooms, and wardrobes or armoires all have one thing in common: they are freestanding walled spaces that are often cramped and could surely use more room for storage. That is why one other thing they have in common are space-saving openings, ones that might slide sideways and eliminate any need for floor space for conventional openings swung backward or forward. Wardrobe sliding doors are indeed as space-efficient as a closet bi folds doors, wherein a single unit consists of many panels folding in pairs like garage accordion doors, but perhaps more attractive.

One popular type of wardrobe sliding doors, called bypass doors, comprise two panels that slide along two parallel support tracks, usually in either direction so that they appear to bypass or overlap each other when seen from the front. The other popular type, called pocket doors, make use of two panels that slide all the way into concealed pocket or compartment in the wall. Either type is available on sale at comparably cheap prices. Sometimes only one panel glides and the other is anchored.

The track system typically contains steel rollers to which the panels are affixed. In an upper track system, the sliding panels are hung from an overhead track. Since the track is designed to defy gravity by propping the panels up, it needs no equivalent bottom track for support. The drawback is not all panels are light enough to be propped up. In a floor track system, the sliding panels rest on a bottom track, and obviously, can be of any weight. The trouble is, with weight pulling the panels down, an equivalent overhead track is needed to keep them in place.

Wardrobe sliding doors are easy to install, with panels that may be glass, stainless steel or wood faced. Panels frames and tracks as well as hinges, ball bearings and other such as hardware may be stainless steel, PVC or aluminum material, which do not need to be lubricated and resist corrosion, so they are easy to maintain. Sliding entranceways truly marry function and form as they are also used as veranda and patio doors, for the swimming pool area or building lobby.

Best Ways to Choose Wardrobe Sliding Doors

It is hard to believe that the mechanism used in lavish sliding entrances to patios, verandas and pool houses or the glass variety known as Arcadia doors used in upmarket office buildings is the same mechanism used commonly in bedroom wardrobes or armoires, even modest ones. Aesthetically pleasing as they are, wardrobe sliding doors appeal as much for their economy of space. Since they open sideways just like accordion doors used in the garage, there is no need to allot space as you would for a traditional door that swings forward or back.

The most common kinds of the wardrobe sliding doors are Pocket and Bypass. Pocket doors have movable panels that disappear into a compartment – a pocket – in the adjacent wall. Bypass doors have panels that move to either side so that they can overlap – or bypass – each other from the front or behind. In some instances, only one panel slides while the other is fixed. The panels are typically supported by a roller system held in place by concealed carrier tracks, which may be top-hung or bottom-hung.

Top-hung carrier tracks do not require matching floor tracks as they can sustain the weight of the panels on their own. On the downside, there is merely so much weight they can carry. Bottom-hung carrier tracks need the help of matching overhead tracks to stay aligned despite the gravitational pull. On the upside, they can carry as much weight as the ground can. They go on sale at similarly cheap prices in a choice of aluminum, PVC or stainless steel, the strongest choice. Corrosion-resistant and self-lubricating, the same materials are used for panel frames and door hardware like bearings and hinges.

Space efficiency is evidently valued in closet doors, which is why another common type is bi fold doors, in which the panels comprising each unit are gathered to the side in pairs just like folding doors are parked where the tracks end to create multi-purpose spaces. As for wardrobe sliding doors, panels are affixed to a roller system, which is what runs along the carrier tracks. Many shower, laundry, utility and study rooms also make use of sliding entryways.

Everything You Need to Know About a House Renovation Project

The ever increasing popularity of home improvement reality television shows has inspired more and more people to start their own home renovation projects. These shows are among the great resources for people to gather information and ideas for the changes they want in their homes. What makes the viewers even more inspired is how happy and satisfied home owners look after their home is renovated. It is a known fact to everyone that when it comes to renovating your home, it is definitely not an easy thing to handle. The task can be challenging and exhausting if you have no clue where to start. The good news is that there is no requirement of doing the project on your own. It is best if you can manage to get some help from well-experienced and reliable people. There are numerous companies that offer different kinds of services for home remodelling projects. These companies even help you with the tasks of planning, designing and even materials purchasing.

Perhaps it would be a great idea if you could take one step at a time for your home remodelling project. First, start remodelling one room of your home. It is believed that an investment in a remodelling project for one room can reap great rewards. The most important thing is that you need to get comfortable in that room. Everybody knows that renovation projects always catch the eyes of the real estate community. Statistics reveal that a single room in your home that had work done can increase the value of your property if you choose to sell it later.

For instance, the bathroom is one such part of the house that is usually unappreciated and mostly overlooked. Most home owners believe that a bathroom is just a utilitarian space. In fact, it should be seen as a space in your home where you can pamper, spoil and even take care of yourself. When we talk about bathroom remodelling projects, you can make it welcoming and comfortable in every possible manner. When you are planning to renovate your bathroom, it is necessary that you come up with a bathroom design that you love immensely. The bare essentials like the toilet, bathroom sinks and faucets, bath tub, shower, cabinets and tiles need a change. These days, lot of design for each of these essentials are available for you to choose from.

In fact, the possibilities do not end there. There are plenty of bathroom accessories that you can get to further improve your bathroom. One can easily add a soap dispenser, a bathroom fan, seats, towel warmers and shower seats- the list is endless. You can also seek the help of a contractor or a designer who can help you come up with interesting bathroom design. The benefit of hiring a contractor is that he/she also gives you advice on the building regulations in your city. To make your home renovation project a success, you must keep an open communication with the people you are working with. Ensure that you are clear in your thoughts and discuss all your ideas and even concerns with your contractor or designer. So, just go ahead and take the plunge.

How to Complete a Home Renovation Project Quickly and On Time

It is rare to meet someone who has undergone a home renovation that hasn’t complained that it took too long. Having worked on home renovation projects of varying scales for homeowners getting their house ready to sell or prior to move in or even when they’re living in the home, I have found that there are certain things that help make a project move quickly and efficiently. Whenever I see projects drag on and on for months, even years, it’s because they’re lacking in one or more of these areas. Granted, there are things that come up that are out of your control, but I can promise that if you follow the tips below, you’ll reduce your project timeline significantly.

First and foremost, Have a Plan – Sounds simple enough right? I want to renovate my kitchen or bath. That’s a start, but there’s much more to it than that. Consult with your contractor about your project and find out a realistic time frame to start and complete the work. I recommend you get a calendar and use it as a project tracker. If it’s going to take 6 weeks for example, mark what the finish date is on the calendar. Then, reverse engineer or back track everything that needs to be done and assign a date to everything. For example, Day 1 Demolition, Day 2 Remove popcorn ceiling, Day 3 electrical rough-in, etc. This will also help you know what materials you need and when. For example, if you’re doing demolition on Day 1, you’ll need a dumpster on site. If you’re hiring a General Contractor to work on your project, they will handle these details, but it’s good to ask what you need to provide and what they will provide. If you are installing cabinets on Day 30, and it takes 4 weeks to order the cabinets, that means you need to get the floor plan designed immediately so that an order can be placed and delivered in time.

Have a realistic budget. How will you fund your project? Savings? Loan? Credit Cards? A gut kitchen or bath renovation is not inexpensive. Be prepared to spend several thousand dollars even on the low end. Make a list of everything you’ll need: cabinets, flooring, lighting, appliances, fixtures, sinks, disposal, toilet, tub, knobs, and more. Also, who is going to do the work. Is this a DIY project or will you be employing professionals? If you’re going with the DIY route, be realistic about your abilities and how much time you have to contribute to the renovation considering your other responsibilities – full time job, family, etc.

Know What You Want. Do you have a particular style that you like? How do you want the space to function? How do you envision using the space? What all needs to fit in the space? In the kitchen, consider storage for all the dishes, pots, bakeware, glassware and cookbooks. In the bathroom, consider the number and kind of people using the space (adults, children, pets, guests), storage needs, privacy, etc. These are important things to consider so that you can design a space that fits your lifestyle. Additionally, what kind of material do you want for flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc. Doing some research in advance will help you narrow choices to fit within your budget. If you truly don’t have any idea, I recommend looking through trade magazines and tearing out pictures of rooms that speak to you. Put together an inspiration folder which will help you and/or a designer create your dream space.

Have Your Vendors Lined Up. Whether this is a DIY project or completely outsourced, you need to have the right people to help you. Get referrals from friends and family who have had good experiences. Use online referral resources. If there are red flags, listen and turn the other way. A good friend of mine and her husband used a contractor to renovate their bathroom in their old home and had a horrible time getting him to complete the job in the time frame he promised. When they moved into a new home and was interviewing contractors, they considered him again even though their previous experience was not good. Guess what? They had a similar, if not, worse experience when they hired him to work on their gut kitchen remodel and ultimately had to hire someone to finish the work. Price for services should be a consideration, but never the determining factor.

Have all Your Materials Chosen and Purchased. This is extremely important because without material, the contractor can’t do anything. Last thing you want is a contractor showing up at the job site ready to work and not being able to. By creating the project timeline with your contractor initially, you know what the general time frame is for specific things to be installed. Make sure you do your shopping in advance and always ask what the availability is. Is the material in-stock or is it a special order item. If so, what is the lead time? Not worth waiting weeks for one item which could hold up the entire project.

Make Decision Quickly. This is probably the most challenging of all because it is where everything starts and ends. If you hem and haw over the details, you will find yourself wasting time and frustrating everyone working on your project, including yourself. If you know you have a difficult time making decisions or if you and your spouse have difficulty agreeing, hire a design consultant to help you. This will make everything much easier and keep you on schedule. Also, don’t overdo the research. Yes, learn about the flooring, but ultimately, choose the best flooring that fits within your budget. Same goes for appliances and all the other material.

I hope you find these tips helpful and again, if you follow them, I promise you will reduce your project timeline. When it comes to more involved upgrades, I highly recommend consulting a professional. We know what needs to be taken into consideration which will help you save money on the front end by avoiding costly errors. Have fun and good luck on your projects! Please leave your comments below.

Rediscover Your House With a Renovation Project

Tired of the way your house looks from the past so many years? It might be time you think about few house renovation strategies. A home remodelling project can not only breathe a new life into your house, but can effectively increase its value!

A renovated house uplifts your spirits and unleashes freshness into your personal life, making you supercharged and active! It also brings the whole family together under one roof. For the process to take place, the whole family brings their heads together to come up with the most unique and creative ideas for their home sweet home! The whole project charges up the house atmosphere with positive vibes.

When you are ready to spend huge amounts on home renovation, you want nothing but the best. For best services, you should choose a reputable and well known Building renovation company. The company should not only be known for their quality services but also for innovative and creative designs at affordable prices.

When you start your search for a reputable and reliable renovation company, you first need to be sure of whether your house needs renovation or not. What are the renovations to be done? Is your family ready for the remodelling process? And what do you actually want out of the whole project?

Before you actually embark on your renovation project, ask yourself the following questions to be sure of what exactly you are aiming for:

First of all ask yourself whether your house actually needs renovation?

You need to discuss this with your whole family to come up with different areas of your house which need to be modified. If the list is too long, then you can consider getting your whole house renovated; however, if there are only specific areas that need retouching, then you can consider getting only those areas renovated.

What exactly do you expect after renovation project?

Are you sure about what modifications need to be done? What end result do you expect? You just want basic home modification or even house extensions?

What is your budget?

Is your budget small, just enough for a basic repairing project, consisting of greasing, oiling and a white wash, or you have an extensive budget to give your house an attractive makeover?

Your budget will dominate the extent of renewal process and also its outcome. Thus, keep in mind all changes you desire when you set a budget.

What are you aiming at?

Home renovations are not only done for giving a new and better look to the house, but also to increase its space and to increase its value. Therefore, if the basic perspective is to increase the future value of your property, then do install all latest features, like under floor heating, convert your house into a green house, etc.

Tips To Keep In Mind On How To Prepare For A Bathroom Renovation Project

Many homeowners do not find it bothersome to have their living and dining rooms undergo renovation. They do not find it irksome when certain home improvement jobs are being done on their garage, basement, attic or lawn as well. But certainly, all homeowners will find it inconvenient and annoying when their bathroom has to undergo a major renovation, especially if there is just one toilet in the whole property.

However, there will come a time when a major renovation of your bathroom is needed. As such, you have no way of avoiding or postponing it. So how can you prepare yourself and the other residents of your home for a major bathroom renovation project? Consider the following helpful pointers and tips below:

Make sure you choose the best contractor. The last thing you want to happen is the bathroom renovation project being delayed or prolonged due to the incompetence of the contractors or their unprofessional behavior. As such, make sure you hire a contracting firm that has an impeccable reputation and comes highly recommended by many satisfied clients.

Before the actual work starts, hold a pre-construction meeting to give you and everyone involved in the project a chance to go over the details, ask questions, and give answers. This conference should include the other people residing in your home as well. This is an important thing to do because everyone will have a realistic understanding of what is included under the project and this will help everyone cope with the stress of disruption and unavoidable mess.

Have a back-up plan. Contractors can sometimes work around the problem in your bathroom, keeping fixtures useable during some parts of the project or certain times of the day. As such, everyone can still use the toilet at certain parts of the day. However, consider renting a portable toilet booth if the toilet will be unusable for a long time. Another option for you is to live somewhere else for the critical period of the project when the fixtures are out of commission and you won’t be able to use the toilet for quite some time.

Have realistic and viable work schedules. If you can still use your toilet from time to time during the renovation project, you should make the work schedules or review them, if the contractor will handle this part, before agreeing to the final project timetable. Everyone who lives in your home should also see the work schedules so that they can take note of them as well and time their visit to the toilet before the contractor shows up in your home.

Finally, the day before the bathroom renovation works begin, make sure your house is properly prepared. This means clearing out your toilet, putting drop cloths over furniture and floors near the bathroom and nearby rooms as well, to protect them from dust, dirt and other debris.

Get A Handle On Your Swimming Pool Renovation Project

Your pool is beginning to show signs of wear from the years of fun and enjoyment. This is the year, though that you’ve decided it’s time for a facelift and renovation project. If you plan on doing a home renovation project, why not include your swimming pool in the project. A swimming pool makeover can make a impressive difference in your outdoor living space.

Why might you consider a pool renovation project? If there are stained or chipped tiles, flaking paint or even if you are weary of the shape of your pool, you could consider one. When it comes to the renovation, the sky’s the limit when you’re thinking of what you want to do to upgrade your swimming pool. Keep in mind the best time of the year for the renovation project could be during the off season so you don’t miss the whole summer of swimming time.

Keep this checklist in mind when thinking of your renovation project:

Has your lifestyle changed since you originally installed your pool? Do you want the renovation project to reflect those changes? For example, if your children are grown and out of the house, maybe you want to look at your pool more for business entertaining rather than family fun.
Set a budget before you start the project
What is your house’s color scheme and do you want that to carry to the pool area?
Your upkeep will vary depending on the type of pool material you chose for your project so keep that in mind when working on the design phase.
Do you want to upgrade the lighting around the pool and patio area?
Will you upgrade the landscaping? Remove plants, install them? What about fencing?

When you meet with your pool contractor here are some specifics to discuss with him or her as they relate to your renovation project:

Do the tiles need to be removed, replaced, upgraded?
Do want to replace the pavers surrounding the pool?
Do you want to retile the whole pool and deck area for a new theme or color scheme?
How about installing a fountain?
A shallow or deep end?
Want to add a spa to one end of the swimming pool?
Do you need to incorporate a handicapped accessible area
You can update the pool’s finish from quartz to tile or vice versa for a completely different look and feel
If you want to, you can convert the pool to a completely different shape. Keep in mind, this will be an expensive, labor intensive undertaking
Update and upgrade your equipment to more energy efficient models
Install a motorized pool cover
Upgrade to a solar pool heating system
Upgrade water and energy conservation elements including a cartridge filter system
If you need a complete change, you can remove the existing pool and start from scratch, keep in mind, though that could come with a price tag of $50,000 or more.

Check with your pool contractor and your local code and zoning enforcement officers as your project could require you to file for building permits. Your pool contractor should know the scope of the project and the laws in your municipality and will likely help you file the paperwork.